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The New website is now online!

Visit this link: For decades clarinetist Russell Harlow has collected recordings, photos, books and articles on the clarinetists from the last century to now.  There are over 70 webpages on the site already and more to come.  Don’t miss … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Louis DeSantis (1893-1940)

Louis DeSantis “Looking Glass Excerpt” Return To Louis DeSantis Page on ClarinetCentral REDISCOVERING LOUIS DeSANTIS By Russell Harlow Question: “What recordings do you feel are prime listening in the development of the clarinetist?” Robert Marcellus: “Unfortunately, these recordings are no … Continue reading

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Ralph McLane Article on Double Lip Playing (1950)

Ralph McLane (1908-1951) is famous for the legendary beauty of his clarinet tone. McLane played with a double lip embouchure and he insisted that his students play double embouchure also. His students were some of the finest of their generation and include Harold Wright, Ignatius Gennusa, Kalman Opperman, George Silfies and John Genevase to name a few. The excerpts included here show the extraordinary color and depth McLane was able to draw from the clarinet. Continue reading

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