Question: Some time ago on a clarinet blog, the question of biting the reed was the topic. A well known clarinetist came on strongly and wrote “Just don’t bite” thats all you have to do! When a player bites it is done to make the reed respond. The question is:  when you stop biting, with what do you replace biting?

On another blog, fast engaged in an argument on biting, one calm poster  (no pun intended) said simply…”if you bite you are not blowing correctly”……

What, then, is “blowing correctly”?…….. I have found, as a double-lip player, that the strong and flexible use of the abdominal wall (not just the lower abdominals) as the primary force, BALANCED by a developed and flexible embouchure, can create a solid wind column that can free the lip from pressuring the reed. The wind column can be varied to allow the player to perform with more shape, color and expression without stressing the reed with the embouchure. Tabuteau used the criticism, “You (only) play from the neck up”.  Every person has to find the sensations for him- or herself, hence, there is more than one way to skin a cat….

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